Frequently Asked Questions

What is iorena?

iorena is a virtual reality app for architects and building material suppliers. It helps them to let their clients visualize their homes and try different building materials (Tiles, Flooring, Paints) before actual construction. It is reshaping the home building experience.

Is it a website, mobile application or what?

No it is not a website or mobile application. It is a desktop application that will install and run on your computer used for presentations.

How is it different from 3D Renders, 3D Animations and 360 Videos?

3D Views, Animation, 360 Video: All these formats are pre-rendered which means they have limited views with fixed angles that can not be changed. User does not have control to move around and interact with the environment.
iorena: You can see from any angle and any point you want with in the building. You can also have different perspectives like bird's eye view. It also provide ability to make changes as well like trying out different tiles and floorings.

What do you need from us to create interactive visualization of our projects?

Architects: We need Architectural Drawings (floor plans, elevation views, reference images and 3D files).
Building Material Suppliers: We need images of your products in jpeg or png format.

Can you use our existing 3D models?

Yes we can use your models but only as reference. We cannot use them as it is we have to re-create them to work with our application.

How much time does it take to create it?

Architects: Typically it takes 7-14 days. But this may vary depending upon factors like total covered area, detailing, quality.
Building Material Suppliers: Typically it takes 7-10 days. If you have any custom requirement then this may vary.

How much does it cost?

Since it is a custom product cost depends upon the requirements of the project.